Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence
Focusing on Strategy, Personnel, and Process.

Interim Management

At the behest of investors, Apogenics provides interim management services of underperforming companies. These services include taking on the role of CEO, COO or CFO. Our team will do a complete assessment of the business procedures and processes to determine the correct path. We review contracts, network agreements, sales strategy, operations, and work force to obtain optimum profitability. The development of a short-term and then long-term corrective plan is designed to overcome the challenges and place our clients back on the growth glide path. Unlike many interim managers, Apogenics is hand-on, going to work with existing managers to implement change. Apogenics leadership brings renewed execution; communication and excellence back to healthcare concerns by focusing on measurable results.

Operations Consulting

Apogenics has deep, significant experience (greater than 100 years) managing and operating some of the largest specialty pharmacies, HUB operations and call centers in the healthcare industry. We provide this knowledge to our clients who utilize us to help design, implement and monitor new programs. We also troubleshoot, advise and repair existing programs where performance has fallen short of expectations.

Quality Management Systems

In today’s competitive marketplace, an important requirement for inclusion in specialty drug service networks is a quality management system(s) or QMS. QMS is the foundation of the highest performing businesses. These companies create QMS to address services and products, providing an environment that can meet or exceed customer’s expectations. This infrastructure consists of documented policies, procedures, performance metrics, and a top to bottom culture of continuous improvement. Successful companies are in harmony with their customers’ expectations and create efficient and effective QMS programs geared to exceed those expectations.

Many pharmacies and patient support service vendors have implemented one version or another of a QMS. However, most manage to simple quality and performance standards – leaving the customer’s needs in the shadows. The landscape for specialty drug manufacturers has become more complicated and their service providers need to be a step ahead to provide solutions and anticipate expectations.

Apogenics offers the expertise and tools to define and monitor these expectations. We provide actionable plans and associated metrics to enhance QMS programs and add real-world value to your organization and increase the likelihood of your customers being satisfied with your results.