Managed Markets

Managed Markets
Managed Markets and Brand Advisory

Apogenics is engaged by clients to provide commercialization and marketing advisory related to product reimbursement, launch strategies, access and distribution, channel contracting, management of support service vendors and customer contracts and data governance. These engagements help our clients optimize vendor, sales channel and prescriber relationships. Our work is unique, our in-house compliance counsel is linked to our business advisory services, providing insights that are not only actionable, but vetted for regulatory compliance. Linking regulatory compliance to our advise and guidance, reduces rework and improves the speed and quality of our deliverables.

Over 100 specialty product launches across various routes of administration, sites of service, and therapeutics areas. Our customers range from the largest pharmaceutical companies in the industry to start-up biotechnology companies offering orphan disease therapies or diagnostics.

Examples of the type of work that we do in the area of Managed Markets and Brand Strategy Development & Implementation include:

  • Overall strategic design of the market access model
    • Process
    • Data governance
    • Service Levels
  • Distribution services advisory related to:
    • Third-Party Logistics Service Providers
    • Wholesale Distribution
    • Specialty Distribution
    • Pharmacy and Healthcare Providers
  • Patient Support Service Providers
    • Defining process, service lines, and personnel requirement
    • Manage the vendor selection process
    • Financial modeling of out-of-pocket support programs including:
      • Co-pay assistance,
      • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) and;
      • Charitable Giving
    • Draft metrics and data management
  • Customer Service Contracting and Analysis
  • Account Management Training and Support
  • Forecasting Support
    • Assessment of contract options
    • Develop, review and implement tactical forecasting and budgeting tools developed in support of on going commercial goals